We supply all kinds of telecoms systems, from local exchange to mobile and wireless systems. Our customers can rely on us to provide a hassle-free installation and set-up process, ongoing professional management and monitoring and a rapid response trouble-shooting service. We offer advice about all aspects of business telecoms and can work with you to identify the right package for your business’ individual requirements.

We can set you up with landlines, mobile phones, broadband and leased lines, as well as providing expert hosting telephone services and customer support in affordable plans and deals. For expert support and advice regarding all aspects of digital telecoms, choose Logics Technologies for a reliable, professional service.

Broadband & Lines

Investing in decent quality broadband provision enables your business to benefit from high-speed, constant internet access that operates reliably and quickly to increase your teams’ productivity. You and your colleagues will be able to download large software programmes and files, as well as communicate with your own customers wherever and however you wish.

We offer a wide range of broadband services, including ASDL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), which allows more data to be transferred over existing copper phone lines. Or you can opt for fibre-optic broadband capability, which is an even faster service, utilising specialist plastic or glass cables for optimum data transfer.

Our professional broadband experts can also advise you on the most suitable options for leased telecommunications lines, which can connect two or more locations for a fixed monthly rate. The connection remains active 24/7 and is typically used to link end points that are based some physical distance apart, in separate geographical locations.

We offer two options for business telecoms lines, which are PSTN and ISDN. Both types of lines have distinct advantages and benefits for different business functions. Opting for a PSTN, or ‘public switched telephone network’ means that your line becomes part of the wider network of circuit-switched phone lines, operated across the world and as such, can benefit from the infrastructure and telecoms services already in place for users.

If you need a different kind of line, which integrates voice, video and data transmission, an ISDN will better serve your requirements. An ‘integrated services digital network’ offers enhanced voice quality and a greater data transfer rate, making it highly suitable for media interviews, video conferencing and digitally transferring large data files between locations.

Hosted Telephone Systems

We offer a full-scale telecoms hosting service, allowing you to entrust your communications to us entirely, relying on our on-going monitoring and support. We supply the hardware you will need, including all servers and routers, as well as providing all related management services to ensure your lines remain open for business and free from disruption at all times.

Many of our customers are choosing our VOIP hosting provision to service their telecoms needs. VOIP, or voice over internet protocol, allows the transmission of both voice and multimedia content via the internet or local or wide area networks. As such, it enables extremely clear voice quality and reliable, rapid data transfer.

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