AHD-based Systems

Choosing an analogue high-definition (AHD) CCTV system allows you to transmit security camera video footage to a recorder for safe viewing, storage and retrieval. Depending on the scope and size of the area you wish to place under surveillance, there are options available for adding four, eight or even sixteen cameras via separate channels. We can help you analyse what you need and the source and install the system for you to have it up and running straight away.

IP-based Systems

Alternatively, an IP-based system channels the footage through the internet, allowing you to download and view it via the internet on your computer. This offers an easier way for key personnel in other locations who may need to view the footage to do so remotely, and results in superior images that will not degrade over time. Users can also replay previous footage at the same time as continuing to film the area under surveillance. Again, IP-based systems can be set up with four, eight or sixteen channels to allow for multiple cameras and locations.

Fish Eye Cameras

If you require CCTV coverage over a much wider area, we can supply, manage and do installation services leading-edge fish-eye cameras with very wide lenses that capture more activity. Panoramic capabilities offer up to 360 degrees of visibility and eliminate the chance of blind spots.
Built-in video-motion sensors mean that the camera can automatically follow multiple people and/or vehicles. Our fish eye cameras are built using the latest in surveillance and lens technology and software. We would be delighted to offer you a demonstration, please contact the office in london for details.

Till Integration

Retailers keen to keep a closer eye on tills and minimise theft of cash, stock and other assets will benefit from our till integration service, offering leading CCTV surveillance and monitoring technology that connects seamlessly with your till and related EPOS software.
Protect your staff and maximise your profit with our sophisticated till integration security solution that offers real-time transaction data and clear, high definition camera footage.

Installation and maintenance

Our expert CCTV installers can assess tour security needs and then source, install and configure your chosen systems, meaning that you can get on with running your business while we work hard to ensure it is properly protected and monitored. We offer a range of monitoring solutions and services, which include regular security and surveillance reports and reviews, equipment performance checks and more in-depth services, such as detailed video analytics, and customer behaviour reports.
We also offer a series of control centre solutions, acting as your own personal security company to install and operate the cameras on your behalf and alert you to problems the moment they arise. We can also monitor the performance of your chosen CTCV and surveillance systems and advise you when it is time to alter or upgrade your security provision.

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