It’s estimated that there are now more mobile phones and gadgets in the world than there are people. We have come to rely on our mobile communications devices in every aspect of our lives and they have changed the way we talk to each other for ever. We know how important it is, therefore, to find a trusted provider for your mobile technology needs and support. Logics Technologies are experts in the mobile arena and can help you source, manage and upgrade your devices as required. We also offer a rapid response troubleshooting service for mobile devices and their related systems and software.

Business Phones

Gone are the days of a business being totally reliant on its landline to speak to customers. Effective, reliable mobile phones that won’t let you down at an inopportune moment are key to a 21st-century business’s ongoing success. We can help you source, manage and monitor mobile phones for you and your team, setting up networks and offering technical support and advice. We work with companies in the UK and abroad to meet and exceed their mobile phone and device requirements.

Fixed IP Sims

A fixed, or static IP address is a permanent address that’s allocated to a roaming sim, to enable it to locate and ‘talk’ to other fixed IP sims. They are incredibly useful for a wider range of applications, including:

  • CCTV remote access
  • Telemetry
  • Vehicle and security tracking
  • Smart meters
  • Wireless ATMs and EPOS systems
  • Digital signage applications

Contact us today to find out more about our fixed IP sims provision and support.

Taxi Phones

Increasingly, customers in need of a taxi are using dedicated taxi phones that allow them to pick up the receiver and get straight through to a local taxi firm at no cost to them. Using mobile technology, taxi phones transfer customer calls direct to your landline or mobile to ensure that you never miss out on potential income.
Logics Technologies can provide your company with a reliable, cutting edge taxi phone service, meaning that you can install a direct line to your company all over town, from railway stations and taxi ranks to supermarkets and cinemas. We will install, monitor and manage your system so that you can get on with running your taxi business and generating maximum income. You don’t need a landline connection as the system is operated via an all-inclusive SIM card.

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