Who we are

Logics Technologies was founded in 2013. Our team of professional services engineers is based at our headquarters on Brighton Road in Croydon. From there, we service hundreds of businesses across the UK. Over the years since our founding, Logics Technologies has grown from humble origins into a leading IT and technology supplier, boasting a strong reputation for excellence amongst customers, competitors and key industry personalities alike.

What we believe

Everything we do at Logics Technologies is led by our mission, vision and values. We take pride in being an ethical company, working in an open, transparent way and striving for customer service excellence at all times. We embrace innovations in technology and grow our products and services to keep pace with the industry’s rapid development.

Our mission is to invest in the right people; to train and nurture them so that they deliver their very best when it comes to meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. We also invest heavily in our products and their ongoing development to ensure that we can deliver a top quality service that is not only profitable but also ethical and sustainable.

Our vision is to be a technology market leader, to maintain a reputation for excellence in cutting edge technology and to retain customer loyalty and satisfaction in a rapidly changing technology world. Our business is constantly evolving while providing excellent customer support.

We value our people above everything, recognising that their expertise and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do. We respect and admire each other’s skills and technological know-how, while supporting the Logics Technologies team as a whole in all that it strives to achieve.

Meet the Team

We believe in our people, and allow only the best to join our elite team. Each team member has built up enviable levels of expertise in their chosen fields.


Geo John Pandekkatt

Chief Executive Officer

Shravan Rajeevan

Business Administrator

Yubi Yesodharan

Senior Support Engineer

Simon Jermak

Support Engineer

Dinu Solaman

Network Engineer

Shan Abdulaziz

Network Engineer

Sashank Adapa

Technical Director

Mukesh Sunny

Business Analyst/ Project Lead
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